How To

To begin, we need to measure where we would like our fence to be installed. The above diagram shows a layout that has a total linear footage of 324' broken down into 4 different sides.

Length of Fence

Sides and Lines of fence

Each fence project is unique, having its own number of sides, connected fence runs, and measurements but for the example above we have 4 sides and 5 lines of connected fence. 

In order to calculate the exact type of post is needed (Line-Corner-End-Gate-Blank) and the number of each post needed, we have to know the measurement to each side. This can be inputted into our calculator like this: 


Ex: "80, 100, 80, 64"


"Side1, Side2, Side3, Side4"

Each side is separated by a comma & the total number of connect fence lines is 5