Stockade Fencing Near Me

PickIt Fence: Stockade Fencing Near Me

If you're searching for stockade fencing near me, then you want privacy. Stockade fencing does offer a lot more privacy than post and rail fencing or chain link fencing. However, if you're looking for post and rail fencing near me, or chain link fencing near me instead of stockade fencing near me, no worries, we provide all three types of fencing at PickIt Fence.

When it comes to the stockade fencing near me that we offer, the boards are close together, with no gaps. Stockade fencing is perfect for families with dogs or young children as it keeps everything secure and tucked away from the outside world. A stockade fence is also easier to repair than some of the other choices, as you can replace a board or panel without needing to remove the entire fence. What's more, it's hard to climb stockade fencing, so it keeps intruders out. PickIt Fence offers a choice of spruce or cedar stockade fencing. Using cedar naturally repels insects, and it's a durable natural wood solution. Spruce is another popular option because of its aesthetic value.

If you're looking for post and rail fencing near me, we've got you covered there as well. Our gorgeous natural Locus and Cedar posts and rails add a beautiful rustic look that compliments any outdoor setting. Both cedar and locus posts and rails are popular choices. You also have options of either two or three-hole posts, for aesthetics and security. Finally, if you want to find chain link fencing near me, you may be looking for temporary solutions. Alternatively, chain link fencing provides a lovely aesthetic surrounding a swimming pool. If you want safety and beauty, then chain link fencing may be your ideal solution.

Whether you're looking for post and rail fencing near me, chain link fencing near me, or stockade fencing near me, the experts at PickIt fence will send you brochures and product samples on request. We offer all the products you need to get the job done right. And you can shop conveniently online. We'll also help you calculate how much material you need with survey reading and scaling. Together, we collaborate to consider options such as posts and rails, gates, and arbors, and what type of custom fencing material will work best for the project.

If you need fencing solutions in Long Island, we'll go over details on individual fence items such as slat, pickets, railings, and more. Of course, we want to make sure that you have all the hardware you need as well. To that end, we'll not only talk about nails, bolts, screws, and fasteners—we'll also discuss the finishing touches such as post caps and paint, trim, and touch-ups.

As your fencing provider, we guarantee we have what it takes to achieve the best result. With all the options we have available, PickIt Fence is more than a fencing outlet in Long Island service—we're a partner. You can schedule a free estimate virtually or in person. Please also contact us by phone with any questions.

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